Should schools encourage failure?

12 Oct

I love this article, which talks about failure as an intrinsic part of learning. We are so consumed with success in our achievement-oriented culture that we can overlook the value of learning by our mistakes. Maybe schools need to become less driven by exam results, and more focused on preparing pupils for the ups and downs of life? Maybe children need to learn that failure is not always a bad thing?

2 Responses to “Should schools encourage failure?”

  1. Kevin Howlett 12/10/2011 at 22:28 #

    Great idea for a blog. Failure is a word that the society doesn´t seem willing to pronounce. Everything must be done to avoid uttering the word. It´s a ridiculous as the Blackadder ´Scottish play´ joke. We have been told that schools can´t play competitive sports for fear that the loser will be somehow mentally scarred. Programmes like the X Factor, whilst they do seem to revel in failure for some appear un-able to tell the truth about contestants that really can´t and shouldn´t sing. Sucess is awarded often where no talent exists and no reward is merited. Without understanding what it is to fail, then real success can never be tasted. You´ve started a debate that needs to be had.

  2. beccamcg 13/10/2011 at 18:15 #

    Thanks Kev… You are very right – as a culture we have become incredibly risk-averse, which is really just failure-averse in other words. Look forward to more conversations about this! p.s. love your blog…

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