Seize the day? No. Thank you though.

21 Jan

Although I am not a mum, I absolutely loved this article by Glennon Melton. There seems to be a relentless pressure on all of us – not just parents – to “make the most of every day”, not whiling away even a few moments on being/slobbing around/”wasting” time. This seems particularly true for London life, where days are packed, long and sleep/rest is hard to “schedule in”. It is easy to self-flagellate, to feel like we are failing most of the time. There is always more to do.

Today is a Saturday. So, if you can, take some time out. Read a paper. Watch some TV (I especially recommend Borgen tonight on BBC4!). Chat to someone you love. Have a latte. Browse online – not just “important things” either. Look out the window. Have an afternoon nap. Play with your children. Eat cake. And don’t do any of these things because you “should”. No, not at all. Do them because that’s what you fancy.

Life is more than achievement. More than ticking things of my to-do list. And I am preaching to myself here – I love completing, feeling a sense of achievement and productivity. But there is more to life. There really is.

Let’s live today. Feel alive. Engage. And let’s do it in a way that refreshes and replenishes, not “seizing the day” in a way that adds to life’s pressures, but taking a few moments (in the way that you choose) to listen to and encounter the wonder of life itself.

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