If your life was a book…

4 Feb

… and you were writing the story, how would you want it to turn out?

This is the question Amy Purdy asked herself, as a 19-year old aspirational snow boarder whose legs had both been amputated above the knee. I love this TED talk. I love Amy’s visible emotions as she speaks of the illness that led to her double amputation 11 years earlier. I love her candour in talking about the depression that followed this life-defining event. I love her bravery, courage and determination. Determination to carry on writing her story, to carry on dreaming – in spite of her new limitations.

I don’t usually like seeing people cry, but I really appreciated Amy’s struggle to hold back the tears in this talk. Why? Because, in spite of the fact she is publicly speaking on a stage and potentially broadcast to an audience of millions, she still remains in touch with her emotions, she still recalls the pain of her loss. She is not a robot who overcome huge obstacles to become the world’s best adaptive snow boarder. She is not an emotion-less champion. She is a true champion. A champion who has stared failure in the eye, and kept staring until she found the inner strength to get back on her snowboard.

So thank you Amy for your courage, tenacity and hope. You have inspired me today.

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