Running uphill

26 Apr

So, after a short-ish break, I am back. Any regular followers who wondered why the blog went a bit quiet – I have been on holiday. In New York. Then St Louis. And it was brilliant.

In New York, I fulfilled a mini-dream of mine and ran around Central Park. It’s 10km all the way round. And very hilly. Very.

I wasn’t expecting the hills. It looks flat from a distance. But there were long, grinding hills, which I struggled up (and was often overtaken on!). I managed to keep going, even up the longest hills, out of sheer determination, rather than fitness. I just decided that I was going to keep going until the end – however much it hurt. So I did.

And it struck me that sometimes that is all we can do when life feels like an uphill struggle. We might feel defeated, inadequate, weak and unprepared. We might be on our last legs. And everything really hurts. But we just keep putting one foot in front of the other – however slowly.

At times on my Central Park run, I felt a bit silly – so many runners were faster than me. So many overtook me. Yet the only thing that was damaged was my pride.

You see – speed doesn’t always matter. Being quick/first/near the front might seem important, but it rarely is. Perseverance is much more important.

Somehow I managed to persevere and I made it. To the very end. I ran the whole way. I managed it in 55 minutes – I’m not as slow as I thought! But even if it had taken 1 hour 55 minutes, I would have been pleased. I ran uphill, I kept going and I made it to the end.

I thought the hills would defeat me, but I defeated them.

I felt a bit achey the next day. I felt alive. And it was good.

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