To blog or not to blog…

30 Jun

… that is my question.

I’ve been fretting about the blog for a little while now. Last night, chatting to a friend, I spoke about how I don’t feel I give it enough time anymore. Yesterday morning, someone asked how many people read it. Last weekend, I confided in a friend that I worry people might misunderstand some of what I write about here. And over the last two weeks, several people have asked if I am “ok”. They had read recent posts and worried. Which, for me, adds to the catalogue of confusion.

You see – I have been feeling insecure about it for a few weeks. In a “hovering-in-the-background” way. In a “can’t-quite-shake-the-feeling” way.

Is it too gloomy (or as a friend commented to my husband “more gloomy than usual”!)?

Is it egotistical online therapy – or does it serve a bigger purpose?

I started the blog to open up conversation – about failure. About daily, almost-mundane failures. And bigger, catastrophic ones too. I wanted to be able to talk about things-that-remain-taboo. To break the power of shame, silence and sorrow. Of disappointment.

But I worry that the blog no longer does this.

And whilst I love writing, and find it therapeutic too, I could go back to just writing a private journal. Rather than hanging it all out to dry on the online washing line.

So – what I would love to know, particularly from any of you who read regularly, is:

Which posts have you most liked/appreciated on the blog?

Which are less appealing? (I know that preferences are very personal, but I’d love to know)

Are there any that really turn you off?

How often do you read the blog?

Do you ever comment on posts? If not – is there a reason why? Would a more interactive set-up be a good thing?

Are there any specific issues/subjects you would like to see on here? Would you be interested in doing a “guest post”?


To blog or not to blog…

That is still the question.


5 Responses to “To blog or not to blog…”

  1. Dylan 30/06/2012 at 12:29 #

    Actually, i just stumbled on your blog. The sense of purpose and clarity in your writing is only something that needs to be seen by your mind’s eye. Maybe others misunderstand, maybe others understand. Your readers all have different life histories, some know you, some don’t. Regardless of whether or not they feel you are writing about true failures, regardless of whether or not they think you are writing well, or writing with purpose, or writing honestly or from the heart, regardless of whether or not they agree — keep on writing. Write to write. Write to explore your thoughts. Maybe something you put out there will catch someone’s eye, and they’ll write back. Maybe not. The expectation of a response is usually imbued in a writer’s style more often then not. When that expectation is not there is usually when people feel most inclined to write back, however. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and i hope that you keep on doing what you’re doing. Peace to you.

  2. 30/06/2012 at 17:19 #

    Becca…..please keep on blogging! you bring an insight, vulnerability and wisdom that is needed in cyberspace! Here’s hoping………
    With thanks and appreciation, Johnny

  3. Jenny Yohannes 01/07/2012 at 15:31 #

    I enjoy your blogs Becca because I feel I’m getting to know you a little bit. Don’t be shy about sharing with us. We’ll only read it if we want to…and we do!

  4. Antony Billington 04/07/2012 at 13:39 #

    Sorry that it’s taken me a bit of time to reply… Your blog is in my RSS feed, and I always read it when a new entry is indicated. In part it’s because I know you and like you (!). In addition, however – insofar as I am able to judge such things – I think you write really well, which makes your posts a pleasure to read. But they’re also thought-provoking; so I come expecting to be poked and challenged a bit, which is also positive in its own way. In other words, I value your reflections. There’s no doubt that the tone tends towards the ‘gloomy’, but I consider it important for us to acknowledge the gloomy as part of authentic human experience. And hey, the blog is called ‘a story of failure’, so what should any of us expect? There will always be the danger that gloomy becomes self-indulgent gloominess, but I don’t think your posts have been any more self-indulgent than the way I use my blog – in part, to give myself an outlet for expressing myself in ways that I am unable to express elsewhere… if that makes sense. Thanks – Antony

  5. Claire 06/07/2012 at 12:57 #

    Apologies also for my delayed reply – I’ve wanted to respond but felt it important to really think about it so it’s taken a while! Firstly, I LOVE your writing style, it is clear, articulate and has a beautiful flow, so the posts are always enjoyable. I like the more thought provoking content in your posts and it’s very clear to me that in each one it is intended to open a dialogue, which is so important. I usually check my favourite blogs every week day and love that when I come to yours it’s so different to anything else I read – so from a purely selfish point of view – keep writing!
    It’s so important to talk about real things when we’re surrounded by so much fantasy and unreality. (on that topic this week’s episode of ‘Cherry Healy – How to get a Life’ – on BBC3 had some interesting insights). And on the gloomy aspect, I think we’ve talked about this but I certainly have more introvert than extrovert tendencies and apparently one characteristic of an introvert is the “happiness of melancholy” – a shared expression of recognition that life is fragile, an acknowledgement of love, loss and yearning – can create a profound happiness. It’s this subtle kind of happiness that introverts have a particular ability to share and understand.’ (taken from Revenge of the Introverts – on / So, I think the ‘gloomy’ is absolutely fine – personally I find the melancholy cry of crows on a bleak morning strangely comforting!

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