This week, I have been thinking about…

1 Dec

… my friend JJ. It’s World AIDS Day today – he died from AIDS-related complications a year ago.

… the loss of my (fairly new) mobile phone – gutted. Hope I can get a replacement soon.

… this incredibly inspiring interview with Bono & Ali Hewson. Trade is the future, not aid. Africa is the future, not China. How would Africa be transformed if we all started investing in businesses there?

… these words from Richard Rohr on models of surrender:

John the Baptist is the prophet who rejects the status quo without apology, eats the harsh food of that choice, and wears the clothes of rejection outside his own system of religion (when his Mom and Dad were of the priestly class! (Luke 1:5-6)).

Like our native peoples here in New Mexico, he goes on his vision quest into the desert 

where he faces his aloneness, boredom, and naked self. He returns with a message, with clarity, and with a sureness of heart that reveals a totally surrendered man. First he listens long and self-forgetfully; then he speaks, acts and accepts those consequences.You see, TRANSFORMED PEOPLE TRANSFORM PEOPLE, and John’s little offbeat ritual down by the riverside (outside of the temple where his father served) has become for us the very symbol of Christian transformation. And Jesus totally went along with it himself! Paul does the same thing with the early Christian status quo, and probably has had more influence than the twelve apostles put together. We must think about such things in a serious way now.

… community and belonging. I’ve been reading more of Chris Russell’s brilliant book Ten Letters and it is the best book I have read in a very long time.
Hope you have a great weekend

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